prEN IEC 62471-7:2022

Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems - Part 7: Light sources and luminaires primarily emitting visible radiation

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34/916/CDV; prEN IEC 62471-7:2022
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This part of IEC 62471 specifies an assessment of the photobiological safety of electrical light sources and luminaires in normal use. The assessment is applied for electrical light sources and luminaires that emit radiation predominantly in the visible spectral range (380 nm to 780 nm) and are used to illuminate spaces or objects or used for signalling. Electrical light sources and luminaires designed for emitting radiation in the visible range can also emit radiation in the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) regions depending on the technology applied. The photobiological safety assessment in this document, therefore, includes the blue light-, thermal-, UV-, UV-A-, IR- and skin thermal- hazards (includes optical radiation over the wavelength range 200 nm to 3 000 nm). Electrical light sources and luminaires that are designed to predominantly emit radiation outside the visible spectral range (380 nm to 780 nm) (e.g. UV sterilizers or industrial heaters) are not within the scope of this document. Electrical light sources for illumination are considered to emit continuous light (pulse width modulation (PWM) are included), therefore emission levels of continuous light (continuous wave (CW)) are applied. When there is no limitation on the presence of people, this document can be applied to electrical light sources and luminaires which emit visible light, but the main purpose is not illumination or signalling (e.g. horticulture). This document also applies to laser products when the conditions of IEC 60825-1:2014, 4.4 are met and they are used for illumination or signalling. Note: See IEC 60825-1:2014 for other requirements of laser products. This document is intended to be referenced by TC 34 product standards for the assessment of applicable photobiological safety aspects. Additional details for the photobiological safety assessment and data presentation are specified in the product standards.
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