prEN IEC 62657-2:2020

Industrial communication networks - Wireless communication networks - Part 2: Coexistence management

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IEC 62657-2:202X; prEN IEC 62657-2:2020
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This document: - specifies the fundamental assumptions, concepts, parameters, and procedures for wireless communication coexistence; - specifies coexistence parameters and how they are used in an application requiring wireless coexistence; - provides guidelines, requirements, and best practices for wireless communication's availability and performance in an industrial automation plant; it covers the life-cycle of wireless communication coexistence; - helps the work of all persons involved with the relevant responsibilities to cope with the critical aspects at each phase of life-cycle of the wireless communication coexistence management in an industrial automation plant. Life-cycle aspects include: planning, design, installation, implementation, operation, maintenance, administration and training; - provides a common point of reference for wireless communication coexistence for industrial automation sites as a homogeneous guideline to help the users assess and gauge their plant efforts; - deals with the operational aspects of wireless communication coexistence regarding both the static human/tool-organization and the dynamic network self-organization. This document provides a major contribution to national and regional regulations. It does not exempt devices from conforming to all requirements of national and regional regulations.
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