prEN IEC 62676-6:2021

Video surveillance systems for use in security applications - Part 6: Performance testing and grading of realtime intelligent video content analysis devices & systems for use in video surveillance applications

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IEC 62676-6 ED1; prEN IEC 62676-6:2021
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This Standard specifies the functions, performance, interfaces, environmental adaptability, test methods, performance evaluation and grading rules of real-time intelligent video analysis in surveillance systems. This Standard applies to live and forensic, real-time intelligent video analysis devices and systems in video surveillance. The standard is centered on testing performance and grading device functionality which enables; - Core Capability: Classification of Objects, Detection of specific "object activity" such as "stopping", "starting", "direction of movement", etc. Examples and current expanded list in Annex H - Complex Capability: Detection of "scenarios" which are based on combinations of object activity such as "loitering", "perimeter intrusion detection", "person down", "tailgating", "intrusion", “abandoned object detection”, Explosion, Fire, Flood, Potential Terrorist attack using a vehicle, Owner of an abandoned bag, etc. Examples of current scenarios are listed and described in Annex I
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