prEN IEC 63355:2021

Cable management systems - Test method for content of halogens

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IEC 63355 ED1; prEN IEC 63355:2021
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This document specifies a method for the determination of the content of halogens in Cable Management System (CMS) products or system components made completely or partly of combustible material(s). The determination is made by combustion and subsequent analysis of the combustion product by Ion Chromatography. This document specifies how CMS products or system components can be declared as halogen free. This document is for environmental performance only. Compliance with this document does not imply the absence of toxicity, corrosivity or opacity of produced smoke, or other reaction to fire characteristics. If any of these characteristics are to be evaluated, the appropriate standards can be used. The detection limit of this test method is typically 0,025 g of halogen per kg (0,0025 %). Halides insoluble in aqueous solution present in the original sample or produced during the combustion step are not determined by this method.
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