prEN ISO 10079-2

Medical suction equipment - Part 2: Manually powered suction equipment (ISO/DIS 10079-2:2021)

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Base Documents
ISO/DIS 10079-2; prEN ISO 10079-2
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Standard history
This part of ISO 10079 specifies safety and performance requirements for manually powered suction equipment intended for oro-haryngeal suction. It applies to equipment operated by foot or by hand or both. The commonest use of manually powered suction is in situations outside of healthcare settings often described as field use or transport use. Use in these situations may involve extreme conditions of weather or terrain. Additional/alternative requirements for manually powered suction equipment intended for field use or transport use are included in this part of ISO 10079. ISO 10079 Part 4 specifies general requirements for all medical suction equipment covered by the ISO 10079 series and is used as the basis for this Part 2. The exemptions listed in ISO 10079-4 Clause 1 shall apply. In addition this part of ISO 10079 does not apply to mucus extractors.
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