prEN ISO 15614-12

Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials - Welding procedure test - Part 12: Spot, seam and projection welding (ISO/DIS 15614-12:2020)

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ISO/DIS 15614-12; prEN ISO 15614-12
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This Part of ISO 15614 specifies the tests which can be used for qualification of welding procedure specifications for spot, seam, and projection welding processes. NOTE The procedures are written for embossed projection welding, they can be adapted for solid projections as well, e.g., nut welding, stud welding. cross wire welding. This International Standard is Part of the ISO 15614 series. Details of this series are given in ISO 15607, Annex A. This Part of ISO 15614 defines the conditions for carrying out tests and the limits of validity of a qualified welding procedure for all practical welding operations covered by this Part of ISO 15614. The tests required to qualify the procedure for a particular component/assembly depend on the performance and quality requirements of the component/assembly and shall be established before any qualification is undertaken. Tests shall be carried out in accordance with this Part of ISO 15614 unless more severe tests are specified by the relevant application standard or contract when these shall apply. The acceptability of applying the principles of this Part of ISO 15614 to other resistance welding processes should be established before any qualification is undertaken. NOTE Specific service, material, or manufacturing conditions might require more comprehensive testing than is specified by this Part of ISO 15614. Such tests can include: — method for fatigue testing for spot welded joints; — specimen dimensions and procedure for impact, shear and cross-tension testing resistance spot and projection welds; — bend test; — surface crack detection; — ultrasonic tests and X-ray test; — chemical analysis and corrosion tests; — micro examination, including assessment of hot cracking behaviour; — tests of components or complete welded assemblies. This Part of ISO 15614 covers the following resistance welding processes, as defined in ISO 4063: — 21 – resistance spot welding; — 211 – indirect spot welding; — 212 – direct spot welding; — 22 – resistance seam welding; — 221 – lap seam welding; — 222 – mash seam welding; — 225 – foil butt-seam welding; — 226 – seam welding with strip; — 23 – projection welding; — 231 – indirect projection welding; — 232 – direct projection welding.
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