prEN ISO 18754

Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) - Determination of density and apparent porosity (ISO 18754:2020)

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ISO 18754:2020; prEN ISO 18754
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This document specifies methods for the determination of the apparent solid density, bulk density, apparent porosity and geometric bulk density of fine ceramics, including all ceramic matrix composites. Two methods are described and are designated as Methods A and B, as follows: — Method A: Determination of bulk density, apparent solid density and apparent porosity by liquid displacement (Archimedes' method). NOTE 1 This method is not appropriate for the determination of an apparent porosity greater than 10 %. For materials with higher porosity, the accuracy of the measurement might not be satisfactory. This method might also not give a satisfactory open porosity result if it is less than 0,5 %. NOTE 2 This method is also not suitable for materials which are known to have an average pore size of greater than 600 µm. — Method B: Determination of bulk density only, by measurement of geometric dimensions and mass.
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