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prEN ISO 21392

Cosmetics - Analytical methods - Measurement of traces of heavy metals in cosmetic finished products using ICP/MS technique (ISO/DIS 21392:2020)

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ISO/DIS 21392; prEN ISO 21392
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prEN ISO 21392
The aim of this standard is to provide a method of quantification of heavy metal trace elements in cosmetic products that consumers might be exposed to in their usage. In the sample preparation procedure, nitric acid/hydrochloric acid mixture is used and most of the cosmetic ingredients are digested allowing heavy metal trace elements to be solubilized for measurement. Some cosmetic inorganic ingredients such as silica or titanium dioxide might not be completely digested under the conditions of this standard and heavy metal trace elements confined in such ingredients might not be fully extracted. However, the heavy metal trace elements trapped in these inorganic materials are considered less relevant for the evaluation of the exposure level of consumers to unwanted trace elements. The use of ICP-MS ensures reliable measurement of trace elements due to its proven high sensitivity and selectivity. This analytical methodology can be applied to many other elements but this standard refers only to the above listed trace elements and it is to the responsibility of the analyst to prove that it fits for that purpose. In order to obtain comparable results, it is absolutely mandatory to comply with all the conditions linked to the digestion of the samples.
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