prEN ISO 21789

Gas turbine applications - Safety (ISO/DIS 21789:2020)

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ISO/DIS 21789; prEN ISO 21789
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To deliver an EN ISO version of "ISO 21789 Gas turbine applications - Safety" To extend the use of the current ISO standard by including details to assist designers, manufacturers and others by providing methods of compliance with the relevant, essential safety requirements of a range of EU Directives for gas turbine applications without prejudicing compliance with the Standard outside of the European Union. It is proposed that the existing ISO 21789 is used as the basis of an EN ISO standard by revising as necessary such clauses that the resulting standard can be Harmonised against the applicable EU Directives. To facilitate this, a draft combined ISO21789 / prEN ISO 21789 is proposed as a New Work Item which is to be commented / reviewed in conjunction with a combined ISO/TC192 WG10 and CEN/TC399 WG committee in accordance with the requirements of the Vienna agreement. The additional Annexes that would be required for prEN ISO 21789 are appended to the draft. Subsequently ISO 21789 will be updated to include applicable changes made to the new draft with the exception of the references applicable to Harmonisation.
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