prEN ISO 25649-3

Floating leisure articles for use on and in the water - Part 3: Additional specific safety requirements and test methods for Class A devices (ISO/DIS 25649-3:2021)

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ISO/DIS 25649-3; prEN ISO 25649-3
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This document is applicable for CLASS A classified floating leisure articles for use on and in water according to ISO 25649-1:20xx regardless whether the buoyancy is achieved by inflation or inherent buoyant material. This document is to be applied with ISO 25649-1:20xx and ISO 25649-2:20xx. NOTE 1 Typical products forming Class A (see Annex A): — “Floating Islands” in near round or square shaped forms decorated with palm tree, sun shade, etc. high superstructure; — large floats/rafts in various forms from round to square; — large floating tubes, giant tubes (inflatable or inherently buoyant); — floating arm chairs, seats and sun beds; — air mattresses for use on the water; — recreational rafts/floating platforms/pontoons. NOTE 2 Typical places for application: — pools; — protected areas of lakes, ponds; — protected area sea shore (no offshore winds, no currents).
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