prEN ISO 41018

Facility management - Development of a facility management policy (ISO/DIS 41018:2021)

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ISO/DIS 41018; prEN ISO 41018
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The standard will provide guidance with recommendations on the ways in which an organization can develop FM Policy to support planning of day-to-day operations by translating the organization’s FM strategy into implementable actions. The guidance will define the framework for FM policy making that can be used to identify the key principles, decisions and actions that are necessary to establish the FM Policy to meet the organization’s strategic intent. Consideration will also be given to identify the overall requirements, expected practices, procedures, protocols and controls to ensure that the FM Policy is fit for purpose. The standard will extend to implementation of the FM Policy, including communication, review and revision, so that it can be maintained as a current document to serve the organization’s work into the future. See enclosed draft outline of ISO 41018 given in ISO/TC 267 document N 308
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