prEN ISO 4484-3

Textiles and textile products - Microplastics from textile sources - Part 3: Measurement of collected material mass released from textile end products by domestic washing method (ISO/DIS 4484-3:2021)

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ISO/DIS 4484-3; prEN ISO 4484-3
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This document specifies a method of measurement of the collected material mass released from outlet of washing machine described in ISO 6330 during washing of textile end products by a washing condition indicated by care label of ISO 3758. If the countries use the own care label system, set the washing condition indicated by the care label. This document applies to all textile end products which are composed of all fibres such as natural fibres, and man-made fibres, including mixture of the fibres. The textile end products applied for this test method are clothing, garments, such as fleece, shirts, trousers, blouse, etc., and home textile end products, such as, blankets, rugs, curtains, etc. This document is not applicable to fabrics and cut textile products, and the test for washing machines and detergents as well.
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