prEN ISO 7278-2

Petroleum measurement systems - Part 2: Pipe prover design, calibration and operation (ISO/DIS 7278-2:2021)

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ISO/DIS 7278-2; prEN ISO 7278-2
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The guidance document provides descriptions of the different types of pipe provers, otherwise known as displacement provers, currently in use. These include sphere (ball) provers and piston provers operating in unidirectional and bidirectional forms. It applies to provers operated in conventional, reduced volume, and small volume modes. The guidance document describes; — the calibration methods, installation and use of pipe provers of each type. — the interaction between a pipe prover and different types of flowmeters is described. — the calculations used to derive the volumes of liquid (Annex A). — the expected acceptance criteria for fiscal and custody transfer applications are given as guidance for both the calibration of pipe provers and when proving flowmeters (Annex C). The document covers the use of pipe provers for crude oils and light hydrocarbon products which are liquid at ambient conditions. The principles will apply across applications for a wider range of liquids, including water. This includes low vapour pressure, chilled and cryogenic products however use with these products may require additional guidance.
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