prEN ISO 7704

Water quality - Requirements for the performance testing of membrane filters used for direct enumeration of microorganisms by culture methods (ISO/DIS 7704:2021)

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ISO/DIS 7704; prEN ISO 7704
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This International Standard specifies requirements for the evaluation of membrane filters intended for the concentration for direct enumeration of specific microorganisms and mixed populations. These requirements are applicable to all membrane filters intended for the microbiological analysis of all kinds of water and other liquid samples. These requirements are intended for the test to demonstrate the suitability of the whole system - membrane filter together with culture medium including the filtration step - required for specific tests described in International Standards. The membrane filters required for use are described in each specific standard. This International Standard applies to producers and users such as: — commercial bodies producing and/or distributing membrane filters; — non-commercial bodies supplying membrane filters to third parties; — microbiological laboratories using membrane filters for their own testing or providing these to other users.
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