prEVS-ISO 10014

Quality management systems — Managing an organization for quality results — Guidance for realizing financial and economic benefits

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Draft. Expected publication date is 11.2021
Estimated date of Estonian translation publication: 11.2021
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ISO 10014:2021
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This document gives guidelines for realizing financial and economic benefits by applying a top-down structured approach to achieving financial and economic benefits. The structured approach uses the quality management principles and quality management system described in the ISO 9000 family of management system standards to: a) monitor and manage trends in key performance metrics; b) take improvement action based on the observed metrics. This document is directed specifically to the top management of an organization. This document is applicable to any organization, whether from the public, private or not-for-profit sector, regardless of its business model, revenue, number of employees, diversity of product and service offerings, organizational culture, complexity of processes, place or number of locations. This document complements ISOÂ 9001:2015 and ISOÂ 9004:2018 for performance improvements and provides examples of achievable benefits from the application of concepts in those standards. This document identifies associated practical management methods and tools to assist in realizing the benefits.
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