prEVS-ISO 19461-1

Radiological protection - Measurement for the clearance of waste contaminated with radioisotopes for medical application - Part 1: Measurement of radioactivity (ISO 19461-1:2018, identical)

General information
Draft. Expected publication date is 04.2022
Estimated date of Estonian translation publication: 04.2022
Base Documents
ISO 19461-1:2018
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Standard history
This document establishes a method for radioactivity measurement and determination of the storage periods of the radioactive wastes produced as a result of the medical application of radioisotopes based on counting measurements using a detector and decay correction of the initial activity concentration of the radioisotopes contained in the waste stream. It provides a set of controls and measurements for the self-clearance of the radioactive wastes by which the medical facility can be assured of meeting the clearance level. This document can also be used by testing laboratories or radioactive waste disposal operators. This document can also be useful for the guidance of the regulatory body. NOTE Due to the nature of the tests outlined, this document cannot be applied to pure beta emitting nuclides nor to alpha emitting nuclides with low energy gamma rays.
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