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prEVS-ISO 21505

Project, programme and portfolio management -- Guidance on governance (ISO 21505:2017, identical)

General information
Draft. Expected publication date is 02.2023
Estimated date of Estonian translation publication: 02.2023
Base Documents
ISO 21505:2017
Directives or regulations
Standard history
prEVS-ISO 21505
ISO 21505:2017 describes the context in which the governance of projects, programmes and portfolios is conducted and provides guidance for the governance of projects, programmes and portfolios. ISO 21505:2017 can also be used for assessment, assurance or verification of the governance function for projects, programmes or portfolios. ISO 21505:2017 is intended for governing bodies and executive and senior management who influence, impact or make decisions regarding the governance of projects, programmes and portfolios. It is also intended to provide guidance to those who direct projects, programmes and portfolios, such as sponsors, steering committees, portfolio owners and the project management office. It also can be used by project, programme and portfolio managers, as well as stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of projects, programmes and portfolios. Other audiences who can have an interest in this topic include those advising, informing, assisting or working within projects, programmes and portfolios.
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