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prEVS-ISO 5725-1

Accuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results — Part 1: General principles and definitions (ISO 5725-1:2023, identical)

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Draft. Expected publication date is 03.2024
Estimated date of Estonian translation publication: 03.2024
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ISO 5725-1:2023
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prEVS-ISO 5725-1
1.1  This document
—  introduces conditions, constraints and resources necessary to evaluate a measurement method or a result;
—  defines an organizational scheme for the acquisition of trueness and precision data by study;
—  provides the necessary definitions, statistical model and principles for ISO 5725 (all parts).
—  is not applicable to proficiency testing or production of the reference item that has their own standards (ISO 13528, respectively and ISO Guide 35).
1.2  This document is concerned exclusively with measurement methods which yield results on a continuous scale and give a single value as the test result, although this single value may be the outcome of a calculation from a set of observations.
It defines values which describe, in quantitative terms, the ability of a measurement method to give a true result (trueness) or to replicate a given result (precision). Thus, there is an implication that exactly the identical item is being measured, in exactly the same way, and that the measurement process is under control.
This document may be applied to a very wide range of test items, including gas, liquids, powders and solid objects, manufactured or naturally occurring, provided that due consideration is given to any heterogeneity of the test item.
This document does not include methods of calculation that are described in the other parts.
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