prEVS-ISO/IEC 19944-1

Cloud computing and distributed platforms ─ Data flow, data categories and data use — Part 1: Fundamentals (ISO/IEC 19944-:2020, identical)

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Draft. Expected publication date is 05.2021
Estimated date of Estonian translation publication: 05.2021
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ISO/IEC 19944-1:2020
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This document — extends the existing cloud computing vocabulary and reference architecture in ISO/IEC 17788 and ISO/IEC 17789 to describe an ecosystem involving devices using cloud services, — describes the various types of data flowing within the devices and cloud computing ecosystem, — describes the impact of connected devices on the data that flow within the cloud computing ecosystem, — describes flows of data between cloud services, cloud service customers and cloud service users, — provides foundational concepts, including a data taxonomy, and — identifies the categories of data that flow across the cloud service customer devices and cloud services. This document is applicable primarily to cloud service providers, cloud service customers and cloud service users, but also to any person or organisation involved in legal, policy, technical or other implications of data flows between devices and cloud services.
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