CEN/TR 17532:2020

Railway applications - Fire protection on railway vehicles - Assessment of fire containment and control systems for railway vehicles

Kehtiv alates 01.09.2020
CEN/TR 17532:2020
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This document specifies the assessment of Fire Containment and Control Systems (FCCS) and associated fire detection systems for railway vehicles as an alternative to the fire barriers specified in EN 45545-3. This document describes: - assessment of installation and capability of fire detection system; - assessment of interaction between fire detection system and FCCS; - application and limitations of assessment process (mock-up or real scale test). This document considers any additional assessment requirements when vehicle designs which have already been assessed as acceptable to this document are modified, or when new design variants, which have an impact on FCCS, are made which are based on an existing design. This document is applicable to any railway vehicle, where fire detection systems and/or Fire Control and Containment Systems are used. This document defines performance requirements and verification and validation requirements for systems whose objective is to detect and control or contain the effect of fire in order to create a protected area within the railway vehicle until passengers and staff can be evacuated from the railway vehicle. It is additionally assumed that the new railway vehicles comply with EN 45545-2 (material properties) and EN 45545-4 (design rules) in order to achieve the safety requirements defined in the EN 45545 series.
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