CEN/TS 15213-6:2011

Road transport and traffic telematics - After-theft services for the recovery of stolen vehicles - Part 6: Test procedures

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CEN/TS 15213-6:2011
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This document specifies the Test Criteria for after-theft services for the recovery of stolen vehicles (ATSVR), and their control and use with electronic and electromechanical inhibitor control equipment utilising both conventional switched outputs and/or soft-coded outputs of setting and unsetting devices, detectors, warning devices and ancillary equipment, for fitting to vehicles operating on 12/24 V negative earth electrical systems. The requirements and tests specified in this standard enable reasonable assessment of components performance with regard to safety, reliability, functionality, security and documentation. To provide reproducible test methods and to avoid the proliferation of technically similar test methods, the test procedures have been chosen, where possible, from internationally accepted standards. For specific guidance on these tests, reference is made to the appropriate document. In the context of the test procedures the term "specimen(s)" shall refer to the component or components of the ATSVR under test. To identify the tests that are to be applied to each type of component, reference shall be made to the table 23 in Annex A1. The document assumes and requires that all other electrical and radio standards relevant to vehicles are complied with and shall take precedent in the event of conflict with any requirement in these ATSVR requirements. This document is not intended to stifle technical development or prevent the use of new methods of detection, communication or implementation applied to an ATSVR device or system. In the event that an ATSVR system uses technology that renders any of the tests contained in this document inappropriate (e.g. a technology that was not envisaged when the standard was developed) then the ‘spirit’ rather than the ‘letter’ of the standard should apply.
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