CWA 14446:2002

European Generic Article Register - Conceptual description of EGAR, working Methodology and relation to the tendering and procurement process in the healthcare sector

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CWA 14446:2002
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The purpose of this pilot project has been to provide the ECHOP Workshop with a verified model of the European Generic Article Register (EGAR) that can be applied in different sectors and different electronic commerce (EC) scenarios (administrationbusiness, business - business, business - consumer). The pilot project- EGAR – has been dedicated to the health sector only. EGAR will enhance the objectives of ECHOP by including the process of tendering. EGAR is aimed at the tendering processes within the purchasing departments of hospitals (BDH) and the collaboration with the supplier environment. The tendering processes are very much alike throughout the European countries and all members of the Community must follow the regulations and guidelines set up by the Commission. The European Generic Article Register will serve as the basic element for the creation of non-discriminating public tenders, and also as the basic nomenclature for compiling specific national and international generic statistics on the usage of goods. The result of the EGAR project will produce a layout and recommendation for a neutral, user developed register that identifies purchased goods in a standardised, non-discriminating manner to be used in tendering processes and statistics at National and European level. EGAR, during the pilot-phase, will focus upon the Health Care/Hospital environment and its vendors, but it is proposed to feed the results into a wider standardisation arena, in order to allow its application in due course as a generic model to be used in a large number of appropriate sectors to meet their individual requirements.
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