CWA 16926-8:2022

Extensions for Financial Services (XFS) interface specification Release 3.50 - Part 8: Depository Device Class Interface - Programmer's Reference

Kehtiv alates 30.12.2022
CWA 16926-8:2022
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This specification describes the functionality of the services provided by the Depository (DEP) services under XFS, by defining the service-specific commands that can be issued, using the WFSGetInfo, WFSAsyncGetInfo, WFSExecute and WFSAsyncExecute functions.
A Depository is used for the acceptance and deposit of media into the device or terminal. There are two main types of depository: an envelope depository for the deposit of media in envelopes and a night safe depository for the deposit of bags containing bulk media.
An envelope depository accepts media, prints on the media and deposits the media into a holding container or bin. Some envelope depositories offer the capability to dispense an envelope to the customer at the start of a transaction. The customer takes this envelope, fills in the deposit media, possibly inscribes it and puts it into the deposit slot. The envelope is then accepted, printed and transported into a deposit container.
The envelope dispense mechanism may be part of the envelope depository device mechanism with the same entry/exit slot or it may be a separate mechanism with separate entry/exit slot.
Envelopes dispensed and not taken by the customer can be retracted back into the device. When the dispenser is a separate mechanism the envelope is retracted back into the dispenser container. When the dispenser is a common mechanism the envelope is retracted into the depository container.
A night safe depository normally only logs the deposit of a bag and does not print on the media.
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