EVS-EN 13830:2015+A1:2020/AC:2022

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EN 13830:2015+A1:2020/AC:2022
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This European Standard specifies requirements of curtain walling kit intended to be used as a building envelope to provide weather resistance, safety in use and energy economy and heat retention and provides test/assessments/calculation methods and compliance criteria of the related performances. The curtain walling kit covered by this standard should fulfil its own integrity and mechanical stability but does not contribute to the load bearing or stability of the main building structure, and could be replaced independently of it. This standard applies to curtain walling kit ranging from a vertical position to ± 15° from the vertical. Any sloping parts should be contained within the curtain walling kit. This standard is applicable to the whole of the curtain walling kits, including the fixings. Curtain walling according to this standard is intended to be used as part of the building envelope. This European Standard does not include: — “Patent glazing” (glazed sloping roofs) kits; — Roof glazing constructions; — Façades made of precast concrete panels as part of the wall (see EN 14992). NOTE 1 Precast concrete panels may be used in curtain walling kits as infill panels. NOTE 2 Durability of structural sealed glazing infills is not covered by this standard.
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