EVS-EN 16602-70-80:2021

Space product assurance - Processing and quality assurance requirements for metallic powder bed fusion technologies for space applications

Kehtiv alates 31.12.2021
EN 16602-70-80:2021
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The scope includes metallic Powder Bed Fusion technologies for space applications. A clear definition and implementation of quality monitoring and control means is mandatory and shall address the full end to end metallic PBF process, encompassing: - Design / Simulation - Materials management (Powder, shielding gases, other consumables, recycling, etc.) - Processing - Post Processing - Testing By developing a single standard which can be tailored in the Project definition phase, it will help the Space Industry in performing the following functions related to metallic PBF technologies over the full end to end process: (i) select and qualify metallic PBF processes for the appropriate application, (ii) select and validate raw materials for the appropriate applications, (iii) define monitoring and control means during production to ensure that metallic PBF parts are produced with the required quality, (iv) define requirements for applying Non-Destructive Inspection methods for the different metallic PBF parts, (v) define requirements to verify/qualify space parts produced by metallic PBF processes for the selected applications and associated environment, (vi) define specific requirements for operators/inspectors/instructors certification, (vii) define requirements for metallic PBF machines certification, (viii) define requirements for metallic PBF Companies certification. The Standard will be complemented with informative Annexes, listing guidelines and best practices on specific technical aspects.
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