EVS-EN 17076:2020

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Kehtiv alates 31.12.2020
EN 17076:2020
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This document specifies the requirements of anti-collision devices and systems installed on tower cranes (as defined in EN 14439) to avoid the risks of collision between several cranes in service, between a crane in use and fixed obstacles, and over prohibited zones. It also specifies the requirements for working range limiting devices. Anti-collision devices and systems and working range limiting devices according to this document are safety components. It applies to anti-collision devices manufactured after the publication of this document. NOTE For anti-collision systems used to avoid the risk of collision with power lines, additional requirements might be necessary. This document defines the safety characteristics and requirements of anti-collision devices and systems intended for installation on self-erecting tower cranes and tower cranes erected from parts. In particular: - performance level; - information to be provided by the sensors installed on the crane; - operation, particularly in the event of failure, override and free jib slewing states of a crane; - type of communication between devices; - information for the crane operator and outside indicator. It also specifies the requirements for marking the device or the system and the content of the instructions for use. The significant hazards covered by this document are identified in Clause 4. This document is not applicable to anti-collision devices and systems which are manufactured before the date of publication by CEN of this document.
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