EVS-EN 17748-1:2022

Foundational Body of Knowledge for the ICT Profession (ICT BoK) - Part 1: Body of Knowledge

Kehtiv alates 02.05.2022
EN 17748-1:2022
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This document provides a reference of 42 knowledge units as required and applied in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professional work environment that can be understood across Europe. An intrinsic link with the EN 16234-1 (e-CF) is an essential characteristic of this document. The document is created for application by: — educational institutions, learning programme and certification providers of all types including: • Vocational and Educational Training (VET); • Higher education (HE); • Continuous Professional Development (CPD); — ICT service, user and supply organisations; — ICT professionals, managers and human resource (HR) departments; — social partners (trade unions and employer associations), professional associations, accreditation, validation and assessment bodies; — market analysts and policy makers; and — other organisations and stakeholders in public and private sectors. This document is provided as one fundamental building block of ICT Professionalism for Europe. The prime objective of this document is to provide a significant contribution to the broad concept of ICT professionalism founded upon four building blocks, body of knowledge, e-CF competence, professional ethics and education and training. Complementary to the EN 16234-1 (e-CF) that provides an efficient and broadly accepted common European language about ICT professional competence, the European ICT Foundational Body of Knowledge (ICT BoK) makes an additional contribution to ICT professional knowledge, increasing transparency and maturity of the ICT Profession across Europe. Specifically, the document provides a structured library of knowledge elements applicable to ICT professionals across a broad spectrum of disciplines. The knowledge elements are identified as either: a) common knowledge applicable to all ICT professionals regardless of speciality; b) base knowledge that provides a foundation and underpins each of a range of different disciplines/specialisms; c) specialised knowledge pertaining to in-depth, very specific expert knowledge. Although providing and adding value to all stakeholders, knowledge defined by this document, provides a particularly useful perspective and entry point for educational institutions seeking to participate in ICT professional competence development. As a natural extension to EN 16234-1 (e-CF) dimension 4 knowledge examples, this document further facilitates the use of the shared European language for ICT Professional competence. By expanding the knowledge content of the EN 16234-1 (e-CF), it adds value to its application alongside further connected references.
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