EVS-EN 60730-2-5:2015+A1+A2:2021

Elektrilised automaatjuhtimisseadmed. Osa 2-5: Erinõuded automaatsetele elektrilistele põletijuhtimissüsteemidele

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IEC 60730-2-5:2013; EN 60730-2-5:2015; IEC 60730-2-5:2013/A1:2017; EN 60730-2-5:2015/A1:2019; IEC 60730-2-5:2013/A2:2021; EN 60730-2-5:2015/A2:2021
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97.120 Majapidamisautomaatika
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This part of IEC 60730 applies to automatic electrical burner control systems for the automatic control of burners for oil, gas, coal or other combustibles intended to be used • for household and similar use, • in shops, offices, hospitals, farms and commercial and industrial applications. This International Standard is applicable • to a complete burner control system, • to a separate programming unit, • to a separate electronic high-voltage ignition source, • to a separate flame detector and • to a separate high-temperature operation (HTO) detector. • to a burner control system intended to be used in warm air heating appliances (furnaces) where the appliance is equipped with an electromechanical differential pressure control to monitor the difference of the combustion air pressure (Type 2.AL). This pressure control provides a switch as an alternative to one of the two switching elements to directly de-energize the safety relevant terminals. NOTE 1 Throughout this document, where it can be used unambiguously, the word "system" means "burner control system" and "systems" means "burner control systems". NOTE 2 Throughout this document, the word "equipment" means "appliance and equipment." This standard does not apply to thermoelectric flame supervision controls; thermoelectric flame supervision controls are covered by ISO 23551-6. This document also applies to electrical burner control systems intended exclusively for industrial process applications e.g. those applications covered by ISO TC 244 (ISO 13577). This document applies to controls powered by primary or secondary batteries, requirements for which are contained within the standard, including Annex V. 1.1.1 This document applies to the inherent safety, to the declared operating values, operating times and operating sequences where such are associated with burner safety and to the testing of automatic electrical burner control systems used in, on, or in association with, burners. NOTE Requirements for specific operating values, operating times and operating sequences are given in the standards for appliances and equipment. 1.1.2 This document applies to AC or DC powered systems with a rated voltage not exceeding 660 V AC or 600 V DC. 1.1.3 This document does not take into account the response value of an automatic action of a control, if such a response value is dependent upon the method of mounting the control in the equipment. Where a response value is of significant purpose for the protection of the user, or surroundings, the value defined in the appropriate equipment standard or as determined by the manufacturer applies. 1.1.4 This document applies also to systems incorporating electronic devices, requirements for which are contained in Annex H. 1.1.5 This document applies to systems using NTC or PTC thermistors, additional requirements for which are contained in Annex J. 1.1.6 This document includes systems responsive to flame properties and temperature for HTO. 1.1.7 This document applies to the electrical and functional safety of controls capable of receiving and responding to communications signals. The signals may be transmitted to or received from external units, connected wired or wireless, that may or may not be part of the burner control system. 1.1.8 This document does not address the integrity of the output signal to the network devices, such as interoperability with other devices, unless it has been evaluated as part of the control system.
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