EVS-EN IEC 60793-2-50:2019

Optical fibres - Part 2-50: Product specifications - Sectional specification for class B single-mode fibres

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IEC 60793-2-50:2018; EN IEC 60793-2-50:2019
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This part of IEC 60793 is applicable to optical fibre categories B-652, B-653, B-654, B-655, B-656 and B-657. A map illustrating the connection of IEC designations to ITU-T designations is shown in Table 1. These fibres are used or can be incorporated in information transmission equipment and optical fibre cables. Three types of requirements apply to these fibres: - general requirements, as defined in IEC 60793-2; - specific requirements common to the class B single-mode fibres covered in this document and which are given in Clause 5; - particular requirements applicable to individual fibre categories or specific applications, which are defined in Annexes A to F. For some fibre categories (shown in the relevant family specifications), there are subcategories that are distinguished on the basis of difference in transmission attribute specifications. The designations for these sub-categories are documented in the individual family specifications. Table 1 shows a map from the IEC designations to the ITU-T recommendations. The table also provides the normative annex in this document that contains the detailed specification as well as the name used to describe this fibre type in IEC 60793-2-50:2015. The ITU-T recommendations as well as the IEC categories/sub-categories within each recommendation are given. In some cases, as for Recommendation G.652, a given IEC designation maps to multiple categories in the ITU-T because the ITU-T categories are distinguished by cabled fibre attribute (PMDQ) performance which are not distinguished in the IEC fibre specifications.
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