EVS-EN IEC 61083-3:2021

Instruments and software used for measurement in high-voltage and high-current tests - Part 3: Requirements for hardware for tests with alternating and direct voltages and currents

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EN IEC 61083-3:2021; IEC 61083-3:2020
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IEC 61083-3:2020 is applicable to digital recording instruments used for measurements during tests with high alternating and direct voltages and currents. It specifies the measuring characteristics and calibrations required to meet the measuring uncertainties and procedures specified in the relevant IEC standards (e.g. IEC 60060-1, IEC 60060-2, IEC 60060-3, IEC 62475, IEC 61180). This document is applicable to those digital recording instruments that will be designed and type tested according to this document. This document • defines performance requirements for digital recording instruments used during tests with alternating voltages and currents (AC) or direct voltages and currents (DC); • specifies the necessary requirements for such instruments to ensure their suitability for use under the relevant standards; • establishes the tests and procedures necessary to demonstrate their compliance; • defines the terms related to digital recording instruments with recording function and access to raw data. Examples of relevant alternating and direct voltages and currents to be measured are listed in Annex D. This International Standard has the status of a horizontal standard in accordance with IEC Guide 108.
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