EVS-EN IEC 62040-1:2019+A11:2021

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IEC 62040-1:2017; EN IEC 62040-1:2019; IEC 62040-1:2017/COR1:2019; EN IEC 62040-1:2019/AC:2019-11; EN IEC 62040-1:2019/A11:2021
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This part of IEC 62040 applies to movable, stationary, fixed or built-in UPS for use in lowvoltage distribution systems and that are intended to be installed in an area accessible by an ordinary person or in a restricted access area as applicable, that deliver fixed frequency AC output voltage with port voltages not exceeding 1 000 V AC or 1 500 V DC and that include an energy storage device. It applies to pluggable and to permanently connected UPS, whether consisting of a system of interconnected units or of independent units, subject to installing, operating and maintaining the UPS in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer. NOTE 1 Typical UPS configurations, including voltage and/or frequency converters and other topologies, are described in IEC 62040-3, the test and performance product standard for UPS. NOTE 2 UPS generally connect to their energy storage device through a DC link. A chemical battery is used throughout the standard as an example of an energy storage device. Alternative devices exist, and as such, where "battery" appears in the text of this document, this is to be understood as "energy storage device". This document specifies requirements to ensure safety for the ordinary person who comes into contact with the UPS and, where specifically stated, for the skilled person. The objective is to reduce risks of fire, electric shock, thermal, energy and mechanical hazards during use and operation and, where specifically stated, during service and maintenance. This product standard is harmonized with the applicable parts of group safety publication IEC 62477-1:2012 for power electronic converter systems and contains additional requirements relevant to UPS. This document does not cover: • UPS that have a DC output ; • systems for operation on moving platforms including, but not limited to, aircrafts, ships and motor vehicles; • external AC or DC input and output distribution boards covered by their specific product standard; • stand-alone static transfer systems (STS) covered by IEC 62310-1; • systems wherein the output voltage is directly derived from a rotating machine; • telecommunications apparatus other than UPS for such apparatus; • functional safety aspects covered by IEC 61508 (all parts). NOTE 3 Even if this document does not cover the applications listed above, it is commonly taken as a guide for such applications. NOTE 4 Specialized UPS applications are generally governed by additional requirements covered elsewhere, for example UPS for medical applications.
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