EVS-EN IEC 63002:2021

Interoperability specifications and communication method for external power supplies used with computing and consumer electronics devices

Kehtiv alates 17.08.2021
IEC 63002:2021; EN IEC 63002:2021
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This International Standard defines common charging interoperability guidelines for power sources (external power supplies (EPS) and other Sources) used with computing and consumer electronics devices that implement the IEC 62680-1-3: USB Type-C®1 Cable and Connector Specification.
This document defines normative requirements for an EPS to ensure interoperability, in particular it specifies the data communicated from a power source to a device (Figure 1) and certain safety elements of the EPS, cable, and device. While the requirements focus of this document is on the EPS (External Power Supply) and the behavior at its USB Type-C connector interface, it is also important to comprehend cable assembly and device capabilities and behaviors in order to assure end-to-end charging interoperability. The scope does not apply to all design aspects of an EPS. An EPS compliant with this standard is also expected to follow other applicable global standards and regulatory compliance requirements for aspects such as product safety, EMC and energy efficiency.
[Figure 1]
This International Standard provides recommendations for the behavior of a device when used with a power source compliant with this document. This International Standard specifies the minimum hardware specification for an EPS implementing IEC 62680-1-3: USB Type-C. This document also specifies the data objects used by a charging system utilizing IEC 62680-1-2: USB Power Delivery Specification to understand the identity, design and performance characteristics, and operating status of an external power supply. IEC 62680-1-2 and IEC 62680-1-3 focus on power delivery applications ranging to 100W for a variety of computing and consumer electronic devices including notebook computers, tablets, smartphones, small form-factor desktops, monitor displays and other related multimedia devices.
Future updates to IEC 62680-1-2 and IEC 62680-1-3 specifications will extend to enable power delivery applications that require more than 100W while remaining within the technical limitations of the USB Type-C cable and connector solution.
This document relies on established mechanical and electrical specifications, and communication protocols specified by IEC 62680-1-2 and IEC 62680-1-3. These specifications support methods for establishing the best performing interoperability between untested combinations of EPS and devices with the aim of improving consumer satisfaction.
Information describing the USB charging interoperability model, overview of USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery specifications, and factors for charging performance are also provided to support implementation of this standard.
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