EVS-EN ISO 11916-3:2021

Soil quality - Determination of selected explosives and related compounds - Part 3: Method using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) (ISO 11916-3:2021)

Kehtiv alates 15.10.2021
ISO 11916-3:2021; EN ISO 11916-3:2021
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This International Standard specifies the measurement of explosive and related nitrocompounds compounds using liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) in soil and soilmaterials. This method is applicable to 12 compounds (1,3-DNB, 1,3,5-TNB, 2,4-DNT, 2,6-DNT, 2,4,6-TNT, 4-A-2,6-DNT, 2-A-4,6-DNT, Tetryl, Hexyl, RDX, HMX, PETN) listed in ISO 11916-1(soil, HPLC/UV method) except nitrobenzene, 2-nitortoluene, 3-nitrotoluene and 4-nitrotoluene. In particular,this method is effective for the analysis of PETN, 1,3,5-TNB and tetryl which showed poor interlaboratory trial results with ISO 11916-1. Under the conditions specified in this document, concentrations as low as 0,005 mg/kg to 0,014 mg/kg-dry matter can be determined, depending on the substance. Currently two ISO standards exist for the analysis of explosives and related compounds in soil: ISO 11916-1(HPLC/UV method), ISO 11916-2(GC-ECD or MS method). According to the results of interlaboratory trial with ISO 11916-1, it showed some problematic aspects to analyze PETN, 1,3,5-TNB and tetryl. In case of ISO 11916-2, it also gave poor inter-laboratory trial results for 1,3,5-TNB. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new method effectively applicable to the determination of PETN, 1,3,5-TNB and tetryl. In addition to this, lower risk-based PRGs (Preliminary Remediation Goal), new regulatory concerns, and change of land use have created the atmosphere to apply more sensitive and selective instruments to determine explosive and related compounds. From the view of these aspects, liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) is one of alternative methods for these purposes. LC-MS/MS method provides 10-20 times or much lower detection limit than that of HPLC/UV method and is recommendable to determine PETN, 1,3,5-TNB and tetryl. Also LC-MS/MS method is getting more familiar in ISO standard development (e.g. ISO/CD22104 Water quality--Microcystins, ISO/NP21677 Water quality--HBCD, ISO/CD21675 Water quality--PFAS).
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