EVS-EN ISO 19918:2017

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ISO 19918:2017; EN ISO 19918:2017
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ISO 19918 describes laboratory test methods to determine the resistance of materials, closures, and seams used in personal protective equipment (PPE) to permeation by solid or liquid chemicals with low vapour pressure (less than 133,322 Pa at 25 °C) and/or insolubility in water or other liquids commonly used as collection media. These chemicals that are often part of pesticide formulations and other mixtures cannot be measured using other standards for measuring permeation. This test method is suitable for field strength and concentrated pesticide formulations as well as other mixtures in which the active ingredient is a chemical with low vapour pressure and/or low solubility in commonly used liquid and gaseous collection media. This test method is not intended to be used in place of standards such as ISO 6529, EN 16523-1 and ASTM F739, which measure permeation of chemicals that are either volatile or soluble in water or other liquids that do not interact with the material being tested. ISO 19918 is not suitable for measurement of volatile chemicals that may evaporate before the chemical analysis is complete. The degree of contamination depends on numerous factors, such as type of exposure, application technique, and chemical formulation. As the level of exposure can vary considerably, this method is designed to rate relative performance of PPE materials for different durations. This method is designed to measure cumulative permeation. Breakthrough time cannot be measured by this method. This test method does not measure resistance to penetration or degradation. The test method standard may be used for the evaluation of PPE materials that are new or those for which the product standard requires treatment, such as laundering or simulated abrasion. Details of the treatment shall be reported.
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