IEC 60953-0:2022

Rules for steam turbine thermal acceptance tests - Part 0: Wide range of accuracy for various types and sizes of turbines

Kehtiv alates 30.05.2022
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IEC 60953-0:2022 constitutes a technical revision.This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: a) IEC 60953-2:1990 has been used as the basis to develop IEC 60953-0; b) Outdated measuring techniques have been updated and the corresponding reduction of the expected test result measuring uncertainty indicated; c) Guarantee of power output at specified steam flow has been included; d) A proposal for assignment of unaccounted for leakages has been included; e) Correction methods and guarantee comparisons are updated; f) Various appendices deleted: - Appendix B (flow nozzle) - Appendix E (generalized correction curves) - Appendix G (power measurement uncertainty) g) Annex added: - Annex E (Temperature variation method) taken over from IEC 60953-3:2002,Annex L The rules given in this document are applicable to thermal acceptance tests covering a wide range of accuracy on steam turbines of every type, rating and application. Only the relevant portion of these rules will apply to any individual case. The rules provide for the testing of turbines, whether operating with either superheated or saturated steam. They include measurements and procedures required to determine specific enthalpy within the moisture region and describe precautions necessary to permit testing while respecting radiological safety rules in nuclear plants. Uniform rules for the preparation, carrying out, evaluation, comparison with guarantee and calculation of measuring uncertainty of acceptance tests are defined in this standard. Details of the conditions under which the acceptance test can take place are included. Should any complex or special case arise which is not covered by these rules, appropriate agreement is to be reached by manufacturer and purchaser before the contract is signed. This first edition cancels and replaces IEC 60953-2, published in 1990.
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