IEC 61191-6:2010

Printed board assemblies - Part 6: Evaluation criteria for voids in soldered joints of BGA and LGA and measurement method

Kehtiv alates 14.01.2010
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IEC 61191-6:2010 specifies the evaluation criteria for voids on the scale of the thermal cycle life, and the measurement method of voids using X-ray observation. This part of IEC 61191 is applicable to the voids generated in the solder joints of BGA and LGA soldered on a board. This part of IEC 61191 is not applicable to the BGA package itself before it is assembled on a board. This standard is applicable also to devices having joints made by melt and re-solidification, such as flip chip devices and multi-chip modules, in addition to BGA and LGA. This standard is not applicable to joints with under-fill between a device and a board, or to solder joints within a device package. This standard is applicable to macrovoids of the sizes of from 10 µm to several hundred micrometres generated in a soldered joint, but is not applicable to smaller voids (typically, planar microvoids) with a size of smaller than 10 µm in diameter. This standard is intended for evaluation purposes and is applicable to research studies, off-line production process control and reliability assessment of assembly.
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