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LED modules for general lighting - Performance requirements

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IEC 62717:2014+A1:2015+A2:2019 specifies the performance requirements for LED modules, together with the test methods and conditions, required to show compliance with this standard. This first edition cancels and replaces IEC PAS 62717 published in 2011. This edition constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to IEC PAS 62717:
- all terms and definitions are aligned with IEC 62504 and relevant documents of CIE. For example, general terms like "rated value" are shifted to IEC 62504.
- a statement on the applicability on a population is included.
- the normative references are completed and cleaned from standards that are not in use.
- with regard to EMC, references to harmonic currents are given.
- the change, which has an effect on most parts of the standard, is the split of failure mechanisms into abrupt failures and luminous flux depreciation. Consequently, new terms and definitions, new requirements for lumen maintenance and a complete new structure and contents of Annex C are introduced.
- transition from tpmax to tprated is made, with the background that there is not one tpmax, but a choice of tp(rated) values, in combination with lifetime.
- places where to mark (product, packaging, data sheets) are changed, and as a consequence of the split of failure mechanisms, new parameters are listed. Further, changes in the endurance test (ramping speed of temperature) are reflected in marking.
- the concept of displacement factor instead of power factor is introduced. This led to new definitions, requirements and Annexes E and F.
- the requirements on luminous efficacy are changed.
- the requirements, associated with the family concept are reviewed.
- statistics, based on confidence intervals are removed. This concerns requirements and limits for LED module power and luminous flux and deletion of Annex E.
- new requirements for lumen maintenance are introduced.
- as part of the endurance test, the maximum light decrease after accelerated operation life test is now fixed.
- with regard to the discussion on type test and sample size, the number of pieces in a test sample is drastically reduced, see Table 7.
- Annex A on measuring methods is completely restructured and reviewed, for example for ambient temperature and for shortening of stabilisation time when conducting subsequent light output measurements.
- for electrical characteristics, the ageing time may be chosen as 500 h.
- for photometric data file formats, reference is given to IEC 62722-1.
- mistakes in the photometric code (Annex D) are corrected.
- Annex G on optimised test duration is removed; instead, an INF sheet shall be published.
- from the luminaire standard, a new Annex H on "Test equipment for temperature measurement" is taken over.
- finally, the Bibliography is updated.
This consolidated version consists of the first edition (2017), its amendment 1 (2015) and its amendment 2 (2019). Therefore, no need to order amendment in addition to this publication.
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