IEC TS 62786-1:2023

Distributed energy resources connection with the grid - Part 1: General requirements

Kehtiv alates 28.11.2023
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IEC TS 62786-1:2023, which is a Technical Specification, provides principles and general technical requirements for distributed energy resources (DER) connected to an electric power network (in the following: the "network"). It applies to the planning, design, operation and connection of DER to networks. It includes general requirements, connection scheme, choice of switchgear, normal operating range, immunity to disturbances, active power response to frequency deviations, reactive power response to voltage changes, EMC and power quality, interface protection, connection and start to generate electrical power, active power management, monitoring, control and communication, and conformance tests.
It is supplemented by additional parts of IEC 62786 series, covering specific aspects.
This document specifies interface and interoperability requirements for connection of DER to a network operating at a nominal frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz. These requirements are intended for application at the point of connection (POC) of the DER to the grid. In some situations, the requirements can be the applied at the AC terminals of the generator. Additional parts of IEC 62786 provide more specific requirements.
DER include distributed generation and electrical energy storage in the form of synchronous generators, asynchronous generators, power converters, etc., connected to the medium voltage (MV) or low voltage (LV) network.
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