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ISO 16694:2015

Space systems -- The measured parameters at firing bench and flight tests of liquid rocket engines


Kehtiv alates 03.03.2015
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ISO 16694:2015 applies to all types of liquid rocket engines for expendable launch systems and satellites:
a)    Combustible fuel (including cryogenic);
b)    Large-thrust, multiple component engines, with and without afterburning;
c)    Low-thrust engines, one component (mono-propellant) and two-component (bi-propellant).
This International Standard establishes a list of parameters to be measured and registered with the firing stand and flight tests of serial LRE.
The order of preparation and carrying out of stand and flight tests, methods of processing, and analysis of tests results of liquid rocket engines, also measurement accuracy requirements are not regulated by this International Standard. Measurement accuracy requirements are established by engine designer.
Parameters listed in this International Standard characterize performance attributes of liquid rocket engines and are used for evaluating of technical state of engines (operative, inoperative), if they correspond to the requirements specified and possibilities of putting them into operation.
There are parameters specified in this International Standard, obligatory for registration and optional ones.
The manufacturer of liquid rocket engines can determine additional list of parameters for specific items taking into account their design and diagrammatical features.
The meaning "optional parameter" denotes (in cases when a proper unit or a component can be the part of an engine) that according to the manufacturer's decision, measurements are allowed not to be made.
Measurement of parameters at firing stand and flight tests of liquid rocket engines is be made by means of the same sensors if possible.

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