ISO 17438-4:2019

Intelligent transport systems -- Indoor navigation for personal and vehicle ITS station -- Part 4: Requirements and specifications for interface between personal/vehicle and central ITS stations

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This document defines detailed use cases, requirements and message specifications for supporting indoor navigation functionality between a personal/vehicle (P/V) ITS station and a central ITS station. This document defines: a) Clusters of use cases based on processing flows for indoor navigation between a P/V ITS station and a central ITS station; b) Detailed use cases derived from the clusters of use cases for indoor navigation; c) Message specifications to support some of the detailed use cases. The message specifications include mandatory, conditional and optional elements. This document is only applicable to the core flow for the navigational functionality in indoor space. The following issues which are adjunctive but essential for commercial navigation services are beyond the scope of this document: - Authorized and authenticated access of users and services, including security; - Payment; - Preparation of indoor data which are necessary for indoor navigation; - Detailed data formats for indoor navigation data, including indoor maps and indoor positioning references (these form a part of ISO 17438-2[1] and ISO 17438-3[2]); - How to transfer and share data required for indoor navigation between a roadside ITS station and a central ITS station, i.e. low-level communication protocols; - Other issues dependent on implementation of an instance of indoor navigation, e.g. indoor-outdoor seamless navigation. This document uses the XML and Data eXchange Message (DXM) format defined in ISO 13184-2 to encode defined messages. [1] Under development. Current stage 0.00. [2] Under development. Current stage 0.00.
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