ISO 20890-4:2020

Guidelines for in-service inspections for primary coolant circuit components of light water reactors -- Part 4: Visual testing

Kehtiv alates 12.06.2020
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This document gives guidelines for pre-service inspection (PSI) and in-service inspections (ISI) for reactor coolant circuit components of light water reactors and their installations as direct or remote visual testing in the form of a - general visual testing (overview), or - selective visual testing (specific properties). This document is also applicable to other components of nuclear installations. The requirements in this document focuses on remote (mechanized) visual testing, but also specifies global requirements for direct visual testing. For specific requirements for direct visual testing of welds see ISO 17637. This document is not applicable to tests in respect to the general state that are carried out in conjunction with pressure and leak tests and regular plant inspections. This document specifies test methods that allow deviations from the expected state to be recognised, requirements for the equipment technology and test personnel, the preparation and performance of the testing as well as the recording. NOTE Data concerning the test section, test extent, inspection period, inspection interval and evaluation of indications is defined in the applicable national nuclear safety standards.
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