ISO 21052:2021

Restrained joint systems for ductile iron pipelines — Calculation rules for lengths to be restrained

Kehtiv alates 03.11.2021
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23.040.10 Malm- ja terastorud
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This document specifies a computation method used to determine the length of the ductile iron pipes to be restrained, when used for conveying raw water, drinking water, sewerage under pressure. This computation method takes into account all common pipeline route changes, including changes in the diameter of the pipeline itself and dead ends at the extremity of the pipeline, the outside diameter of the pipe, the system test pressure (to estimate the thrust), depth of cover, the characteristics of the soil surrounding the pipe and trench backfilling methods for a worldwide usage. The characteristics of the restrained joint are not covered by this document but can also be considered to determine the restraining length using any appropriate method. The computation method defined in this document is applicable to all types of restrained joint systems, with their operating pressure ratings of ductile iron pipelines complying with ISO 2531, ISO 7186 and ISO 16631. NOTE 1   ISO 10804 deals with actual design of the joint for various operating pressures of the pipeline. NOTE 2   National standards or established calculation methods can be used instead of this ISO standard.
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