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ISO 30435:2023

Human resource management — Workforce data quality


Kehtiv alates 28.07.2023
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This document provides the basis for organizational improvement underpinned by quality workforce data that supports analysis and evidenced-based decision-making.
Workforce data quality, for the purpose of this document, is the process of:
a)       workforce data determination;
b)       data capture;
c)        data maintenance;
d)       data review processes.
The focus of this document is on the quality of data itself rather than on other critical aspects relating to the overall management of data, such as privacy and security of personal data, the analysis and reporting of data and the use of technology.
This document does not cover the analysis of data and reporting structure or the definition of any metric other than quality of workforce data. Technology platforms in the form of human resource information systems, databases, spreadsheets, and the like, can improve the process of the capture and management of data. The focus of this document is the data itself.
While data security and data privacy are also critical to the overall management of data, they are not dealt with in this document.
This document is applicable to all types and sizes of organization across all industry sectors and regions.

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