ISO/IEC 14763-2:2019

Information technology -- Implementation and operation of customer premises cabling -- Part 2: Planning and installation

Kehtiv alates 20.12.2019
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This part of ISO/IEC 14763 specifies requirements for the planning, installation and operation of telecommunications cabling and cabling infrastructures including cabling, pathways, spaces and telecommunications bonds (other than that specified in ISO/IEC 30129) in support of generic cabling standards and associated documents. The following aspects are addressed: a) specification of the installation; b) quality assurance; c) installation planning; d) installation practice; e) documentation; f) administration; g) testing; h) inspection; i) operation; j) maintenance; k) repair. The requirements and recommendations of Clauses 5 to 14 are premises-independent. Annexes C through G contain premises-specific amendments of and additions to these requirements and recommendations. In addition, this document describes the methodology for the assessment of spaces, pathways, pathway systems and cabling (either installed or planned) in support of remote powering objectives. This document excludes specific requirements applicable to other cabling systems (e.g. power supply cabling); however, it takes account of the effects other cabling systems may have on the installation of telecommunications cabling (and vice versa) and gives general advice. This document excludes those aspects of installation associated with the transmission of signals in free space between transmitters, receivers or their associated antenna systems (e.g. wireless, radio, microwave or satellite). This document is applicable to certain hazardous environments but does not exclude additional requirements which are applicable in particular circumstances (e.g. electricity supply and electrified railways). Safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements are outside the scope of this document and are covered by other standards and regulations. However, information given in this document can be of assistance in meeting these standards and regulations.
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