ISO/IEC 22533:2005

Information technology -- Data interchange on 90 mm optical disk cartridges -- Capacity: 2,3 Gbytes per cartridge

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ISO/IEC 22533:2005 defines the characteristics of 90 mm Optical Disk Cartridges (ODC) with a capacity of 2,3 GB per cartridge. It specifies only Type R/W for 2 048-byte sectors of such cartridge. Type R/W provides for data to be written, read and erased many times over the entire recording surface of the disk using the thermo-magnetic and magneto-optical effects. It is also referred to as "fully rewritable". ISO/IEC 22533:2005 provides for 2 048-byte sectors only. All sectors on a disk are of the same size. ISO/IEC 22533:2005 specifies: the conditions for conformance testing and the Reference Drive;the environments in which the cartridges are to be operated and stored;the mechanical and physical characteristics of the cartridge, so as to provide mechanical interchange ability between data processing systems;the format of the information on the disk, both embossed and user-written, including the physical disposition of the tracks and sectors, the error correction codes and the modulation method used;the characteristics of the embossed information on the disk;the magneto-optical characteristics of the disk, enabling processing systems to write data onto the disk;the minimum quality of user-written data on the disk, enabling data processing systems to read data from the disk. ISO/IEC 22533:2005 provides for interchange between optical disk drives. Together with a standard for volume and file structure, it provides for full data interchange between data processing systems.
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