ISO/IEC 39794-6:2021

Information technology — Extensible biometric data interchange formats — Part 6: Iris image data

Kehtiv alates 10.03.2021
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This document specifies: - generic extensible data interchange formats for the representation of iris image data: a tagged binary data format based on an extensible specification in ASN.1 and a textual data format based on an XML schema definition that are both capable of holding the same information, - examples of data record contents, - application specific requirements, recommendations, and best practices in data acquisition, and - conformance test assertions and conformance test procedures applicable to this document. The iris image information is stored as: - an array of intensity values optionally compressed with ISO/IEC 15948 or ISO/IEC 15444-1, or - an array of intensity values optionally compressed with ISO/IEC 15948 or ISO/IEC 15444-1 that can be cropped around the iris, with the iris at the centre, and which can incorporate region-of-interest masking of non-iris regions. This document also specifies elements of conformance testing methodology, test assertions, and test procedures, as applicable to this document. It establishes: - test assertions pertaining to the structure of the iris image data format, as specified in Clauses 6, 7, 8 and 9 of this document, - test assertions pertaining to internal consistency by checking the types of values that may be contained within each field, and - semantic test assertions. The conformance testing methodology specified in this document does not establish: - tests of other characteristics of biometric products or other types of testing of biometric products (e.g. acceptance, performance, robustness, security), or - tests of conformance of systems that do not produce data records conforming to the requirements of this document. This document does not establish: - requirements on the optical specifications of cameras, or - requirements on photometric properties of iris images, or - requirements on enrolment processes, workflow and use of iris equipment.
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