ISO/TR 17243-3:2020

Machine tool spindles -- Evaluation of machine tool spindle vibrations by measurements on spindle housing -- Part 3: Gear-driven spindles with rolling bearings operating at speeds between 600 r/min and 12 000 r/min

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This document provides information on how to assess the severity of machine tool spindle vibrations measured on the spindle housing. It gives specific guidance for assessing the severity of vibration measured on the spindle housing at customer sites or at the machine tool manufacturer's test facilities. Its vibration criteria apply to gear-driven spindles intended for stationary machine tools with nominal operating speeds between 600 r/min and 12 000 r/min. It is applicable to those spindles of the rolling bearing types only, to spindles assembled on metal cutting machine tools, and for testing, periodic verification, and continuous monitoring. It does not address: - geometrical accuracy of axes of rotation (see ISO 230-7); - unacceptable cutting performance with regards to surface finish and accuracy; - vibration severity issues of machine tool spindles operating at speeds below 600 r/min or exceeding 12 000 r/min (due to lack of supporting vibration data); or - frequency domain analyses such as fast Fourier transform (FFT) analyses, envelope analyses or other similar techniques. Annex A presents an introduction to alternative bearing condition assessment techniques.
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