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ISO/TS 11796:2023

Biological evaluation of medical devices — Requirements for interlaboratory studies to demonstrate the applicability of validated in vitro methods to assess the skin sensitization of medical devices


Kehtiv alates 27.07.2023
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This document specifies the framework and the methodology to evaluate and demonstrate the applicability of a validated non-animal method from an OECD test guideline to assess the skin sensitizing potential of a medical device or a medical device material. This document addresses:
—    the database of reference chemical skin sensitizers and non-skin sensitizers;
—    reference materials;
—    feasibility testing of candidate test methods, including any method optimization for use with extracts of medical devices;
—    prevalidation of candidate test methods;
—    the interlaboratory study:
—    sample preparation and coding;
—    spiking of the extracts from the negative control medical device material;
—    data collection;
—    statistical analysis to assess reliability and reproducibility.
The use of the approaches described in this document to assess the applicability of a candidate test method does not imply that the candidate test method can be used as a stand-alone test for evaluating the skin sensitization potential of medical devices. For certain candidate test methods, integrated approaches and/or defined approaches are needed.[1] The evaluation of skin sensitization potential of a medical device is described in ISO 10993-10.

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