ISO/TS 6737:2023

Vacuum technology — Vacuum gauges — Characteristics for a stable ionisation vacuum gauge

Kehtiv alates 28.11.2023
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This document describes a special design of an ionisation vacuum gauge which has a well-defined ionising electron path length.[2] Due to the construction design, it leads to good measurement accuracy, long-term stability, as well as gauge independent and reproducible sensitivity for nitrogen and relative sensitivity factors[3][4]. It is designed for the measurement range of 10-6 Pa to 10-2 Pa.
This document describes only those dimensions and potentials of the gauge head which are relevant for the electron and ion trajectories. This document does not describe the electrical components necessary to operate the ionisation vacuum gauge in detail. The gauge head can be operated by voltage and power sources and ammeters commercially available, but also by a controller specially built for the purpose of the operation of this gauge head.
The ionisation vacuum gauge described in this document can be built by any experienced manufacturer of other ionisation vacuum gauges. It is not subject to intellectual property protection.
It is assumed for this document that the applicant is familiar with both the physics and principles of ionisation vacuum gauges as well as high and ultra-high vacuum technology in general.
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