prEN 1463-3

Road marking materials - Part 3: Active road studs: performance requirements

prEN 1463-3
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93.080.20 Teedeehitusmaterjalid
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This document specifies the product characteristics, laboratory test methods, the way of expressing results and the relevant procedures for assessment and verification of the constancy of performance for active road studs (see 3.1), intended to be used for permanent road markings, delineation and signalling purposes in circulation areas. This document covers: - active road studs without retroreflector(s), emitting light in white, red, yellow/amber, orange, green and blue colours; - active road studs equipped with retroreflector(s), of white, yellow, amber, red and green colour of their reflectors; - self-contained active road studs (means of power supply are not covered by this document); - hard wired active road studs (means to feed light or power are not covered by this document); - active road studs with one or more luminous faces; - active road studs that emit light that appears constant to the human eye or be flashing at a low frequency; - active road studs that are either being bonded to, entered within or embedded within the road surface; - active road studs that are depressible or non-depressible. This document does not cover products which are designed with voltage rating above 50 V for alternating current and above 75 V for direct current. Voltage ratings refer to the voltage of the electrical input or output, not to voltages that can appear inside the equipment.
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